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Grinder-dosers are used to grind the coffee beans and to dose the resulting coffee powder in the filter holder. Automatic grinder-dosers are controlled by a sensor, which activates automatic refilling of the doser once a set level of ground has been reached.

Coffeetech Assist’s preferred supplier of Ginders is La Cimbali.

Cimbali offers a complete range of professional, high performance coffee grinder-dosers, which can meet different needs in terms of functionality design and performance.
Cimbali offers painted, stainless steel or brass grinder-dosers, designed to complement its espresso coffee machines and with the style of most shop layouts.

The Cimbali Magnum system is self adjusting and communicates with the M39 traditional espresso machine using Bluetooth wireless technology...


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With a Cimbali Magnum on demand grinder, the whole coffee beans are ground directly in the filter holder before...


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The Cimbali 7S/A is a robust grinder with a die-cast aluminium painted body...



La Cimbali ENEA on demand is an instantaneous, automatic grinder-doser which freshly grinds the set doses directly into the filter-holder...

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Which machine is right for your business? Scobie McIntosh has a knowledgeable team who are skilled to recommend a solution for your requirements.

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