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Prior to installation you will be supplied with full specification & physical dimensions for your particular Espresso machine.

Given the above your proposed site will need to ensure the following;

  • Adequate dimensions and strength of work surface, to house both the machine and grinder by its side.
  • Check there is available height including grinder bean hopper on top of any knockout drawer.
  • Check there is available width and depth for both machine & grinder. 
  • Be aware additional space may be needed in event that access to carry out servicing is required.
  • Power; Appropriate supply to within 1 metre of machine, check the power requirements for your particular model.
  • You will also need a separate 13 amp switched socket for your grinder.

Water; Potable cold water supply terminating in a standard washing machine isolation valve. Situated within 1 metre (ideally directly under machine location), not through walls!

Isolation for both power & water must be within reach of the machine & unobstructed

Waste; Ideally a 1.5” with trap and 9” up stand pipe directly below machine location. if not available a bucket for waste to run into with vertical drop to allow water to run away freely. (this will need to be emptied & cleaned regularly).
A 50mm min dia hole will be needed centrally located under the espresso machine.

Sufficient space for a Water Treatment Unit to be located between machine
and water supply – Normally Brita Finest P600, Dimensions; H 520mm / W249 mm.

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Which machine is right for your business? Scobie McIntosh has a knowledgeable team who are skilled to recommend a solution for your requirements.

Why not contact us today T:0845 5040 466 E: sales@scobiemcintosh.com , to discuss your requirements.


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