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Your coffee grinder is designed to give you years of good trouble free service but in the event you experience
problems, listed below are a few trouble shooting aspects to look out for and check.

1st rule never put your fingers or any other object down into the neck of the grinder where the beans enter the burr area, unless the grinder is unplugged from the supply.

  • Check you have power to the grinder and that the on/off switch is in the on position.
  • Check there are coffee beans in the hopper and the hopper slide is pulled out to allow beans to flow to the grinder burrs, if pushed in it will stop the flow of beans.
  • The coffee silo is the container that holds the ground coffee, there may be a small flap & micro switch to stop the silo overfilling. If your machine has this fitted it is possible for coffee dust to cause this to stick in the closed position. Isolate the grinder from the electrical supply remove the cover and gently push the flap / switch to make sure it is free and the micro switch clicks in and out.

If after all the above have been checked and the grinder still does not function, you may need to back off the grind burrs to free the motor. (Your installer may have made a mark on the adjustment collar where the set point of the grinder should be but, this isn’t always the case).

  1. 1st Isolate the machine from the power supply to the grinder & allow to cool down.
  2. Once cool turn the grind adjustment collar in the direction that indicates making the grind coarser, this is normally an anti clockwise rotation but is dependant on manufacturer.
    Note you may need to remove the bean hopper and press /release the burr lock button located on the side of the collar to allow this movement.
  3. Turn the adjustment collar 1 full revolution to release the motor.
  4. Turn power supply back on and try grinder operation if motor now runs freely, isolate from mains & turn adjustment collar back to original position.
  5. Test grinder fully & fine adjust using collar to set grind making sure not to turn too far causing the motor to jam again.
    If all above fails you may need to arrange for an engineer to attend your machine

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