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After, every drink;

coffecup2 Before and after every use, purge the steam arm with steam, and remove the milk residue using a soft cloth.

Daily Routine;

  1. Back flushing: this removes oils and grounds from the inner workings of your group heads.
  2. Insert blind filter in portafilter (group handle) and add up to ½ teaspoon cleaning powder. Insert porta-filter into group head.
  3. Run brew cycle for 12 / 15 seconds. Stop for 10 seconds. Repeat 4 / 5 times.
  4. Remove portafilter and run brew cycle for 5 -10 seconds to rinse head.
  5. Reinsert portafilter and repeat step (2) but without cleaning powder.
  6. Brew a cup of espresso to ensure no residue remains – discard this 1st drink.
  7. Repeat process on all brew groups.


Soak portafilters and baskets in cleaning solution, rinse thoroughly before re-using.

Weekly Routine;

coffecup2 Clean out holes in the steam nozzle with a piece of wire e.g.; a paper clip.
coffecup2 The nozzle can be unscrewed from the pipe if it is really dirty but take care not to lose the O ring!
coffecup2 Scrape out coffee grounds from inside the group heads using your group head cleaning brush


coffecup2 Remove the empty bean hopper from your grinder, hand wash inside to remove oils and when clean dry thoroughly.

Isolate from power and clean out grinder and doser area with a brush.

coffecup2 Check and if necessary adjust the grinder setting and doser volume.
coffecup2 The correct setup should result in a 22-25 seconds dispense time for a single espresso.

As Recommended;

coffecup2 Change the water softener cartridge or recharge salt container at recommended intervals failure to do this will result in the machine scaling up resulting in an expensive service bill.

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