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With over seventy gyms and more than 400,000 members across the UK, Pure Gym is a key player in the affordable fitness sector, winning 23 health club awards in 2012 including best UK health club in addition to multiple awards for their innovative members App. The company has built its success on providing well-equipped gym facilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. By putting convenience and the needs of its clients first, it has achieved an impressive level of growth since its launch in 2008.

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“These days we live in a twenty-four hour world,” explains Paul Kirwin, Pure Gym’s, Group Digital & Marketing Manager. “People work, shop and sleep at unusual times. As a result their leisure time has to be flexible so we make sure our services are available when it suits them.”

Pure Gym has used vending machines for some years to provide essentials to its customers outside normal business hours. “Vending allows us to provide a good level of service, day and night,” Paul says, “but we need reliable machines and quick service if something should go wrong.” This is why Pure Gym has depended on Scobie McIntosh for several years.

Puregym surveyresultScobie McIntosh is a leading national service provider for the maintenance of commercial vending equipment and has provided support to the company since April 2011. National coverage and an in-house team of over 100 engineers, mean they are perfectly placed to provide excellent service to Pure Gym as they continue to expand.

“It is a relationship that has grown with the company,” says Scobie McIntosh National Account Manager, Pat Gibney. “Originally, we supplied and serviced two glass fronted spiral machines in each of around 50 gyms. These were specially configured to offer items such as towels, bottled water and padlocks.”

As the company grew, Pure Gym were quick to see the opportunity that vending provided to the business and keen to make the most of it. Keen to offer a wide range of choice from a highly respected brand, they entered into a relationship with Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS), the market-leading supplier of nutritional products aimed at the sports and fitness market and added further Lucozade branded vending machines to each premises. This brought the total number of machines to around 350, a figure which rises with every new opening.

Sean Hurley, LRS Account Manager at Scobie McIntosh, was closely involved in the installation: “We selected Crane BevMax 4 Media and Merchant Media machines with 7” touch screen and configured them to vend the agreed LRS product range according to a bespoke planogram. Apart from being highly reliable, these models offer a shopping cart function and are easy-to-operate. Their touch screens can display advertising messages and detailed product information, such as nutritional values so the customer has the option to match the drink to their ‘needs state’.”

The Crane machine represents the market leader in energy efficiency and sustainability with an EVA EMP A++ rating that significantly reduces energy costs plus the availability of a Carbon Neutral version.

These additional vending machines were installed and serviced by Scobie McIntosh for LRS directly. Simon Farrell, Customer Business Manager at LRS says: “Lucozade Sport is a market leader and trusted brand among our customers and as such, quality and reliability are vitally important to us so the excellent levels of service from Scobie McIntosh bring us peace of mind. We need to make sure that our customers and consumers get what they need from us, when they need it. Scobie McIntosh really help this happen. They were highly professional throughout the project and deliver responsive service and a high first time fix rate, so we are confident that our reputation is in safe hands.”

At the same time Pure Gym wanted to explore the possibility of offering different payment methods. “When you go to the gym you don’t want to be carrying lots of cash around with you,” Pat points out. “Apart from the question of security, these days we have come to depend on the convenience of cards.”nayax for case study web.fw

Working with Nayax, a leading global provider of cashless payment systems, Scobie McIntosh equipped all the new machines to offer a choice of contactless, chip and swipe technology to compliment their existing coin operation facility. Within a month all the new machines were supplied and installed and the existing 100 machines were retrofitted with cashless payment capability.

Lewis Zimbler is Operations Director at Nayax and worked closely with Pat and Paul to deliver the solution:

“The project was a great success. Our Nayaxvend Cashless Payment solution is designed to combine financial services with the latest technology so that vendors can benefit from cashless payments without being concerned with merchant accounts or data security. Not only does the cashless system make life easier for Pure Gym customers who have forgotten to bring cash, but it also facilitates more sales because their spend is not limited by the amount they have in their pocket. As a result, since the introducing the cashless payment system, there has been a significant uplift in sales.”

Pure Gym were delighted with the solution and continue to roll it out with every new gym they open.

Puregym quote“The great thing about Scobie McIntosh is that, thanks to their national coverage, we know we have excellent customer service we can count on, ready to respond within eight hours, and at a known cost wherever we are across the country,” says Paul. “Whether they are advising us on what we need or working with other suppliers to deliver it, they get the job done and operate as part of the Pure Gym team, enabling us to meet our customers demands, day and night.”

With another 20 gyms scheduled to open during 2014 and 35-40 in 2015, and Scobie McIntosh delivering over 96% customer satisfaction in their recent survey*, there is every reason to think this is a partnership that will run and run.

Full national coverage
96% first time fix
Engineers all fully trained Scobie McIntosh employees
96% customer satisfaction*
AVA quality assured
ISO9001 service standard


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Which machine is right for your business? Scobie McIntosh has a knowledgeable team who are skilled to recommend a solution for your requirements.

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