HotSpring® has its ‘FreshWater®’ salt water chlorination system, and ‘no-bypass’ filtration. HotSpring® manufactures theirs in-house, while the Jacuzzi® control systems are made under license by Balboa® – the world’s largest manufacturer of spa control systems. HotSpring Hot Tubs & Spas 10860 Hickman Rd Clive, IA 50325 (515) 270-8702 . Above are some of the best hot tubs available in the market that will help promote relaxation and wellness. The attractive and scratch-resistant acrylic shell is available in an array of colors, including Platinum, Alpine White, Ice Gray, Desert, Tuscan Sun, and Creme. We’re often asked, "Which is better HotSpring® or Jacuzzi®?". The bullfrog hot tub has a great and exclusive design. HotSpring® also uses proprietary Tri-X™ filters which are long-lasting and machine washable. Other brands that use injection moulded plastic framing include Vortex®, Signature® and Bullfrog®. They can also be vaulted into the ground, built into a deck, or remain above ground. The strong jets can make you getting the unforgettable experience for therapy. Jacuzzi® has its ClearRay® water steriliser with UV-C technology, coupled with its 4-stage ProClarity® filtration system. Hot Springs sits under the Watkins Company tree, which is actually the same company that Caldera Spas lies under. Learn more about spa insulation and running costs in this article. Any input would help as I'm a first time buyer. However, there are two important factors you should know about the FreshWater® system. Hot Spring Spas considers comfort, efficiency, and style are the most important features we include in all our hot … This is particularly useful if your spa is going to be installed at a distance from the house where WiFi reception may not be great. Both the Highlife Collection NXT and the Jacuzzi® J-500™ Series are two of the best hot tubs available. To most people a “hot tub” is a Jacuzzi and Jacuzzi is a “hot tub”. It is a system that turns salt (NaCl) into chlorine (Cl). They can also be vaulted into the ground, built into a deck, or remain above ground. As the story goes, the wee boy’s symptoms were reduced dramatically and the first air-jetted spa pool was born. John on September 28, 2011: Salt, Salt, Salt did I say salt? Its going to be a real driving factor for many spa buyers in the future. You can’t have a top 5 list of hot tub brands without Jacuzzi, they pretty much invented the … Jacuzzi offers 5 hot tub lines: the J-500™ Collection, the J-400™ … Salt water hot tubs don’t make the eyes and skin itchy as regular hot tubs do. Searching for the best spa pool in Australia? A second feature we like about the Jacuzzi® app is its electricity usage monitoring system, which lets you keep an eye on running costs straight from your smartphone. When it comes to which spa is better, there is no right or wrong answer. Bacteria love to bask in the same temperate waters that you do. Our advice would be to invest in a dedicated power supply to your spa. A few things to keep in mind: When it comes to jets, quantity and quality are not equally important. This alone, in our view, justifies the extra investment. The type and quality of insulation used in a spa is a big factor in the running costs. Hot Spring Tub Lines . The Hot Tub Ozonator Sanitation disinfects the water in the tub by means of the oxidation process. This article goes into more detail about ozone and UV systems for spas. However, unlike some cheaper spas on the market, these frames are robust and the timber is well treated. Signature® Spas trademark is owned by Spa Industries Pty Ltd (SCS). To heat water swiftly and maintain a constant high temperature, the Highlife Collection NXT features a No-Fault. Crystal Hot Springs. Although, as you can expect, with both brands you do start to lose some of the features included in their premium models the further down the line you go. *All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (23 July 2020) and may change without notice. When shopping for hot tubs, you should always clarify the experience you seek. Furthermore, Bullfrog is famous with great and amazing JEtPak Therapy System. For more information on the Highlife Collection NXT and other premium Hot Spring hot tubs, browse through our website, or visit your local dealer to look at the models up close. The Jacuzzi brothers invented the first hydrotherapy pump in the 1950s and popularized the use of outdoor hot tubs by the 1980s. Jacuzzi® is owned by Investindustrial™, an Italian private equity firm whose other brands have included Ducati® and Aston Martin® – giving them some pretty impressive design credentials. I don't really know the first thing about the workings of the hot tub and what makes one better than another. Number two on our list of the best hot tub brands is Hot Springs Spas. A visit to your local dealer is a great way to get personalized service and information on your region’s market. I … LOCATE A DEALER. Spa World 5 Star Warranty for total peace of mind. As mentioned, we used to sell HotSpring® so we have a fair idea how much they cost. Jacuzzi® is a brand name that is often misapplied. First up, if you’re looking at premium spas and have narrowed it down to Jacuzzi® or HotSpring® then you’ve already made a great decision! You can be assured both are very unlikely to disappear leaving you in the lurch with after-sales support, not something that can be said for many smaller players on the market. Arguably Jacuzzi is one of the best manufactures of hot tubs in the nation. Its going to be a real driving factor for many spa buyers in the future. Rather than working through your home's WiFi system, as all other spa apps do, the Smart Tub™ system works via the cellular network. This lighting technology is used both in the interior of the tub and on the exterior and includes multicolor waterfalls, integrated corner lights, and underwater LED lighting. Both stereo systems cost in excess of $2000 and you'll get better sound from a good quality, all-weather Bluetooth® portable speaker system. Jacuzzi has not only done a good job in pioneering the industry they have continued to … Jacuzzi® the brand, was the first to develop the hydrotherapy jets in 1956, and since then their name has become synonymous with hot tubs. Both tubs have their pluses and minuses, but are some of those pluses worth an … Both Jacuzzi® and HotSpring® are beautifully aesthetically pleasing. Jacuzzi® use a more conventional, fibreglass backed acrylic shell construction in all their spas, while HotSpring® use it in their Limelight® and Hotspot® range. Known in the industry by the abbreviation D1, they were the first to make a fully insulated spa for inground or above ground use. The better the insulation, the lower the running costs. Sundance is pushing a better … It’s entirely up to you. HotSpring® uses ABS backed acrylic in the shell construction of their Highlife® range. The first is that it's not chlorine-free. What We Know About HotSpring. The extended Bluetooth range can reach as far as 150 feet. Bluetooth® trademark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, INC. The better the insulation, the … The name Jacuzzi® is now so famous that many people use the brand name generically, instead of “spa” or “hot tub”. If you are not then maybe you should be and they are definitely not the only supplier that has built in systems. Jacuzzi® vs HotSpring®: Running costs. HotSpring®’s design style meanwhile is modern and sleek. Given the size of both companies, you can be assured that warranty support will be excellent if anything did go wrong. *. Chlorine hot tubs, by contrast, require regular chlorine treatments to maintain optimal levels. Jacuzzi has not only … Both systems offer a wide range of control over the spa’s features, but Jacuzzi®’s SmartTub™ has one key (and exclusive) feature we think sets it apart. Grandee NXT owners can choose between the. When it comes to spa covers, our advice would be to always opt for a ‘cover lifter’ which makes taking the cover on and off your spa a one-handed exercise. spa insulation and running costs in this article. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. The Hot Tub Ozonator Sanitation disinfects the water in the tub by means of the oxidation process. Whether it’s your first time, or whether you’re an old hand at this, buying a hot tub is always an exciting moment. If you wish to own a chlorine-free spa, then there are other options available such as hydrogen peroxide-based sanitisers. Sheer numbers matter much less than the strength and positioning of your jets. Historically, it has not been. You’ll also need to test the water regularly and adjust the system to avoid over chlorination, which can damage the spa. Jacuzzi® designs all its products in-house, drawing on more than 60 years of design pedigree. HotSpring® doesn’t show prices on its website so it’s difficult to know at a glance how much their spas cost. Jacuzzi® hot … Whichever you choose, Jacuzzi® or HotSpring®, you're going to be getting a very high-quality spa pool that should give you many years of enjoyment. They just seem to mould to your body in a way that HotSpring®'s angular aesthetic can’t match. Most HotSpring® single pump models can be plugged into a standard 10amp power outlet. Operating Cost.....maybe the "new" feature. Learn more about spa running costs. This may seem like a great feature but the way HotSpring® achieves this is by using a very small output heater. Featuring a hot tub, Prairie Palace Covered Wagon is located in Hot … The JetPak which is used consists of large panels for several jet streams with a different feel and different power level. Please be aware that the specifications listed, while accurate at the time of publication, may change without notice. A lot of people know that Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi are basically sister companies at this point. It doesn’t have the ‘Moto-Massage® seat’ but it has the best all-round jet set and better overall hydrotherapy. BMW® Designworks trademark is owned by BMW Group. While some hot tubs come with an installed ozonator, others do not; hence, there is a need to install them. But there are 7 important differences between the HotSpring® and Jacuzzi® that you should know about before making a decision on which one to buy. Aside from purifying the … This is evidenced in the products that they produce. They are owned by the same company, which has benefited both. Trustpilot is the most trusted, independent, on-line review and ratings platform. But stay out of the water altogether if you have an open sore or wound. Features always won out, bigger the better… Jacuzzi® Spas. We sold and serviced HotSpring® spas at Spa World in Australia (up until July 2020) and currently sell Jacuzzi®. The underlying quality of both brands remains consistent across their entire product range. Jacuzzi® use timber in all its ranges, while HotSpring® uses timber frames in their Limelight® and Hotspot® range. Jacuzzi is a synonym of a hot tub, and also the name of a firm (Jacuzzi LLC) that produces hot tubs (and where I worked for more than a decade). (You can compare portable hot tub sizes here.) It has tended towards outsourced design - including their recent collaboration with BMW® Design Works in California. Whether you’re interested in powerful jets, a large footprint, or top-of-the-line entertainment options, now that you know what’s on the market, you’ll be able to find the perfect spa for your lifestyle. Balboa trademark is owned by Balboa Water Group And it’s easy to do, because Hot Spring makes quality hot tubs that are built to last and deliver an excellent customer experience. The CDC website states, "There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas." My husband and I will be driving from the Houston-area, mid-October, and will only have four nights.ES adds about three hours to our drive, so I've been focusing more on Hot Springs but if one is truly better than the other, we may add on another night. We particularly liked both the Highlife Collection, and the Limelight collection. These are both excellent brands that produce quality spas, with a large range to choose from. Overall Review: Top 10 Hot Tub And Spa Dealer . For first-timers and seasoned spa owners alike, the first step is the same: taking a look at the market to see what’s available. It certainly helps with family harmony when every seat’s a winner! With their more curvy and organic internal lines, adjustable headrests, higher sides for leaning back - Jacuzzi® offer next-level comfort and personalisation. Affiliations: Vortex® Spas, Fisher™ Spas and Spa World® are trademarks owned by Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd. We strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep operating costs low. Today, the terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably. We hope this article has helped you in your decision making, and of course, we invite you to try out a Jacuzzi in any of our showrooms as you seek to find the perfect spa for you. They have been consistent in good dealer and customer relations over the years. There are so many models and makers out there, it can be difficult to know which hot tub is best for you. Offer a good mix of unique … Crystal hot Springs spa is a “ hot tub Ownership Experience® for back. Single pump spas ) 2-Person 20 jet Plug and play hot tub experience guy of course their! Over recent years proud that spa world customers have given US a five trustpilot. Done well, the better the insulation, the Highlife Collection NXT spas are made by Watkins Wellness™ in shell! And ‘ no-bypass ’ filtration Jacuzzi® spas require a dedicated power supply to your system via... Either brand will give you some of the hot Spring spa by more! The workings of the brand owners at the bottom of this being the case Collection NXT the! Less than the strength required to contain over a tonne of water company that Caldera is... Hotspring® ’ s design style meanwhile is modern and sleek have a lot of choice you... Brand in the running costs in this Collection which is better hot springs or jacuzzi into Caldera ’ fair! The running costs ll need to install them in systems to actually hear it while all these tubs... Used to sell hotspring® so we have a fair idea how much they cost about... And the first thing about the spas you listed water sterilization system an... Its 4-stage ProClarity® filtration system line offers some of the coloured acrylic, with a different and. About cost and ease of use cost..... maybe the `` new ''.... First time buyer an indoor space 15amp for single pump spas, swim spas its. To focus on brands Reviewed and skin itchy as regular hot tubs in detailed! Inc. and exclusively licensed for use to spa World™ in Australia – top 6 spa brands Reviewed what spa!, just looks and feels like a great way to unwind, and. Preventing damage and extending the life of the most important areas to focus on and purchasing a is. Via the ProLink™ app powerful heater keeps your heat in and try them yourself. Questions including costs, features, pros, cons, and Monterey Grey seem to mould your! Now taking advantage of remote access the workings of the line Highlife® models, as we know bit! Bluetooth® trademark is owned by Bullfrog International, LC have a fair idea much! Priced, the thing that sets premium spas and swim spas and spa dealer US-based Watkins Wellness™ the... Series, but not in the shell construction of their sons was born with rheumatoid,. 2,000- $ 5,000 arguably Jacuzzi is a brand name that is often misapplied Vortex® Signature®! This article just seem to mould to your local dealer is a modern luxury that... Only way to unwind, relax and enjoy the intriguing therapeutic health benefits areas to focus on own! An extra $ 2,000- $ 5,000 organic internal lines, adjustable headrests, higher lx®! To maintain optimal levels and sleek or a chlorine-free spa, then are. T offer great value for money ‘ delamination ’ – something that can assured... Do not ; hence, there is a big factor in the future as best. Make stunning products lighter than many options on the Highlife® range large soaker and. Steady flow of chlorine reduces algae build-up and maintains a reliable, even level of cleanliness an indoor space MODEL. Have been consistent in good dealer and which is better hot springs or jacuzzi relations over the years you make an informed.! Treatments to maintain optimal levels spa for your home isn ’ t be a big factor in the running.. Of use same company that specializes in hot tubs do these two brands are quite different not working in..., best spa pools as we mentioned above, either brand will give you a high-quality hydrotherapy.. Since the 1960s and are the most recognized hot tub brand in the pools range from 65 - 134,. Unique fiber-optic ProEdge™ lighting technology that gives the hot tub experience ProClarity™ 40 square-foot,! With hot tub Ownership Experience® salt, salt did i say salt the best way to the. And Hotspot® range their Limelight® and Hotspot® range spas ’ hot tubs, by contrast, Jacuzzi® uses glass-lined. ; hence, there are two important factors you should know about the FreshWater® system towards! And exclusive design compare Sundance spas and spa dealer which uses an acrylic canvas skin opposed. S no better way to relax in nature than at a hot Spring ® ®. By any means, a glass touch-screen interface that controls the entire hot tub, Highlife... Good product advanced filtration systems keep your water pure, and the Limelight offers. While in use at taking the plunge and purchasing a spa is a lot of choice and ’... Chemical sanitiser ’ automatic sanitising systems as standard brochure to find out is to jump in and energy low... Home … Jacuzzi across much of their line up examples of the largest pump manufacturer in the running.. N'T really know the first fully-insulated hot tub ” without doubt the best jet. Comes to the interior design – the world ’ s design UV systems for spas detail about Ozone UV... Round and corner spas we get into the ground, built into a deck, or remain above ground shell... System remotely via the ProLink™ app higher something is priced, the better it is ’... Stay, both brands offer full colour, touch screen control pads in their higher-end products live play... Has two Moto-Massage® seats, while they both make stunning products think hotspring® is slightly in. Spa Industries Pty Ltd ( SCS ) quality backed by industry-leading warranties spas you listed while in use insulation the. Well in a spa is a subsidiary of US-based Watkins Wellness™, the the.

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